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ABC Song is one of our fun kids songs. It was first seen online around 2007-05-12. Lots of kids watch this childrens song. More than 82,803,906 children have watched this song, and this kids song has been liked over 18,659 times.

More about ABC Song:
Song = The Alphabet Song (Learn It)
Album = Super Simple Songs

Set to the same tune as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" The ABC Song for children is a classic. In this video we slow the song down and speak the letters very clearly so young learners can catch and understand each letter. You'll also notice we remove the "and" between "Y and Z". Many young learners confuse that "and" for a letter name when first hearing the song. We hope you enjoy the song and our apologies to our British English speaking friends for the Zee instead of Zed. We'll try to get a new version for you soon :-).

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